Ways To Maintain Healthy Teeth?


Although each of us intends to maintain healthy and clean teeth, this does not always happen. We think we know the correct way to brush our teeth, but in most cases, the ways in which we brush our teeth is wrong and causes plaque to develop in areas that we have not been able to reach. This is very common, especially with children as their teeth tend to rot quite easily due to the amount of sweets they eat and the food remaining in corners of their teeth. The correct way to brush your teeth includes brushing from left to right and then up and down while holding your tooth brush at a forty five degree angle. It is also just as important for you to visit your dental professional from time to time to have your teeth professionally cleans to ensure that there is no plaque buildup at all.

Avoid smoking at tobacco

Smoking cigarettes costs us a great deal in terms of dental health and this bad habit will not only leave us with lunch cancer but will also will cause us to have to have many painful visits at the dentists. Smoking causes discoloration as well as many other problems to our health. Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your body as it causes many illnesses and often leads to death.

A healthy diet

One of the best ways to avoid those painful visits to the dentist is to maintain a clean and calcium rich diet. Food that is rich in calcium includes sesame seeds which you can crush and sprinkle on your food and broccoli. Food is the key to maintaining great teeth and an exceptional dental hygiene. It would be a great idea for you to go online and research the kind of food you can eat to make sure that you are getting the correct diet to maintain not only your teeth but a healthy body overall.

Food that you must avoid

While there are many kinds of food that you can consume to ensure healthy teeth, there are also certain kinds of food that you must avoid. It is important to limit or avoid soda, excess coffee and alcohol as these products have been discovered to ruin and discolour your teeth. The reason that these foods have been known to ruin your health is because they contain high amounts of phosphorus which in small amounts is good for your body but in high amounts can such the calcium out of your body.

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