How To Plan A Career Day For 10 Year Olds

Career days are a very important aspect in student’s lives especially at a young age because one meaningful and motivational talk can proceed to alter the entire course of young student’s lives; it could even help them pick their future study areas or even their profession. Therefore, while it is important to recruit capable individuals to give these talks, it is also important to ensure that individuals with interesting careers or individuals with the capability to make their careers sound interesting are recruited in order to capture the attention of these young students. Thus, to ensure a successful career day the following article contains some crucial tips for the teacher to keep in mind when picking the individuals for the career day.


These individuals are a staple on a career day but one can be selective in selecting the type of doctors that should be allowed to talk to these students. It is recommended for one to select an orthopaedic surgeon as it would be a sure way to gather the attention of at least a majority of the students because they would be able to talk about the types of sport injuries that have observed and they could even teach the students the basic premise of RICE in order to make them feel as if they are learning something helpful.

Furthermore, while it is not recommended allowing these students view videos of knee arthroscopy Melbourne surgery it may be possible to show them scans of broken bones and discuss the common injuries affiliated with the popular sports.


Another staple at career days but one can make sure that their talk would capture the attention of the students by discussing some age appropriate interesting cases with them. Furthermore, revealing the outcome of illegal behavior can also deter student from even thinking about getting involved in any illegal activities. Moreover, one

can also proceed to teach the students some interesting and basic legal principles that they could go home and tell their parents about.

Army Officer

Either a veteran or an officer on leave can be employed for such a task. Apart from detailing the basic tasks involved with their job one can also proceed to explain the importance of being part of the team and could proceed to illustrate this point by asking the students to engage in a few team building activities.

We understand the importance of career days and the impact it would have in shaping the future of these young children. Thus, ensure that you follow the aforementioned tips to host a successful and interesting career day this year.